Soaker Hose porous irrigation pipe and fittings

Welcome to Soaker Hose from Aquarius

Please check you have ordered the right size fittings as they come in two different diameters:

Soaker Hose with droplets being forced through the porous pipe wall under pressure

If you are ordering our standard Regular or Budget half inch Soaker Hose please order our 16mm GC standard fittings. Watering rate for our Budget soaker hose is 2.4 lires per metre per hour fed from a 200 litre water storage tank. When ordering our wider Pro Bore Soaker Hose, please order our 20mm GCPRO fittings. A recent addition to our range is MICRO BORE 5mm internal bore Soaker Hose which uses 6mm micro fittings based on the same range as the 16mm. We can now also offer a lower cost BUDGET pipe which after testing offers all the same quality characteristics as our Standard Regular High Pressure half inch pipe and can be connected to a domestic supply tap to run well up to 50 metres or to a rain butt or water tank and run up to 25 metres. Please click the photo to see soaker hose in action.

The Green Alternative For Root Level Irrigation

How can soaker hoses save you money? By allowing water to seep directly through its porous walls into the soil, our porous irrigation pipes put water directly where your plants need it at the root zone. Can be laid on the surface or up to six inches below ground. We would suggest laying on the surface initially to check leakage. The very nature of the recycled materials used in manufacture, dictates that uniformity of leakage is not exact but should be adequate to supply enough moisture to each root zone along a working length which is in turn dictated by water pressure supplied.

So you SAVE...

Time - No more moving sprinkler systems or hand watering in garden beds

Money - Using less water means smaller water bills

Your Plants - They receive just the right amount of water and no spray means leaf diseases are kept in check

Our Environment - You are saving water and the environment by using a recycled product