About us

A vision of recycling at all levels was the idea of Simon Whigham the founder and owner of Aquarius Manufacturing Ltd. The company has a wealth of rubber and plastic extrusion knowledge built on years of experience in the industry. The UK as a whole goes through thousands of tons of rubber tyres each year and these are the main ingredient for Soaker Hose.

Soaker Hose is made from 100% recycled materials by Aquarius Manufacturing Ltd in Great Harwood, Lancashire. The company has been producing Soaker Hoses for over ten years and everything, apart from the accessories is made on site at the factory.

Our team

Our experienced team consists of Simon Whigham - Owner and Financial Director and Geoffrey Ashworth - Marketing and Advertising Manager who will also be able to advise on some technical aspects along with installation advice.

Our Soaker Hose batches are tested frequently as part of a stringent Production Control process before leaving the factory. Aquarius operates a health and safety initiative which is Ellis Whittam approved and the company complies to ISO9001 guidelines.



Geoffrey Ashworth